A Social Media Companion Safeguarding and Educating Students, Volkswagen Stiftung

  • Coordinator: Davinia Hernández-Leo (4/2019 – 3/2023).
  • Website: www.upf.edu/web/courage
  • Partners: HS Rhurwest, RIAS – Rhein-Ruhr Institut fur Angewandte Systeminnovation (Germany), University of Essex (England), Institute for educational technology – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Italy), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain)
  • Related tasks: Participation in international meetings, literature review, design of a digital and interactive app, design and development of educational interventions, design and selection of the data collection tools, data collection, data analysis.
  • Research trips:
    2020 – Bottrop (Germany): Participation in a meeting and related discussions regarding narrative scripts, dissemination activities and ethical procedures.
    2019 – Duisburg and Hannover (Germany): Meeting for the preparation of the project presentation at the Volkswagen Foundation Kick-off event. Poster presentation at the Volkswagen Foundation Kick-off event.
    2019 – Bottrop (Germany): Participation in the Kick-off event of the project. Presentation of a proposal for an interactive game for teenagers to be aware of social media risks.

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