My story

I have always been a curious person in search of growing my knowledge as well as developing self-directed learning to improve my skills. I studied for a Psychology degree, where I built the mental schemas that made me realize the importance of education and learning. It was then that I understood why it was so important to pay attention to how we teach our students and how we ensure that they create their own consistent knowledge and mindset.

Thanks to my growing interest in technology, I also realized the potential that it has for improving human lives in all fields, including education. Therefore, I did the Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media. I discovered some of the endless uses that technology can have in education, and I decided to commit my professional life to it.

My motivation

As the next step in my career, I want to contribute to researching the field of digital transformation in education. I want to learn more about the different digitalization approaches and investigate the teacher-related factors associated with them. I also want to understand whether teacher students consider digital technologies when becoming teachers.

I am looking forward to contributing to the transformation that education is experiencing.

My academic trajectory

I have had the chance to visit several places around Europe for academic purposes, collect relevant experiences and learn from great professionals.

The following map offers an overview of the places I have been to: